U R What U Listen!!!




Due to our recent IP change, some of the links provided below will not work. There is a lot of work to do to change this status quo, so we require your understanding in doing so. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this situation.

01 - Statistics

View any details concerning KronosFM's status, listeners, song history, current song and many others by accesing our SHOUTcast D.N.A.S. server addresses:

02 - Stream URL

You can listen to KronosFM using Winamp, Windows Media Player, VLC player or any other program that allows direct streaming from the internet, by accessing or manually adding the following links: - Primary stream - 128 kbps (44.1 kHz Stereo) CD quality * - Secondary stream - 32 kbps (16.0 kHz Stereo) Voice Audio Quality **

   * - This is the recommended stream, as it provides the best quality. Users with a broadband connection should access the primary stream at all times!





This stream is especially recommended to dial-up users (change your ISP, it's the 21st century); we also advise our 

mobile phone listeners

  to use this if they connect to the internet through their carrier's mobile internet services. If you use the wireless connection of your phone, it's pretty safe to assume that it is a broadband one, so use the primary stream!


REMEMEBER! You will always receive exactly the same content with both streams (sometimes differences of approximately 10 seconds). The only thing different is the audio quality. The best quality is provided by the primary stream.

03 - Radio Directory 1

KronosFM is enlisted in many Radio Station Directories on the web. These sites offer you the advantage of using their embedded player for any radio station registered there. One of the most important is Audio Realm. Finding us there is easy. In addition, if you sign up - which takes about 30 seconds - you can select any radio station as your account's favorite, thus not being forced to re-find it every time you come back. Remember to have Java enabled on your PC.

- we're not big fans, but we recommend Internet Explorer 7 or 8. other browser's pop-up players are known to cause interrupted streams.

04 - Radio Directory 2

KronosFM is also registered at SHOUTcast Radio Directory, one of the largest in the world. The following link offers you the possibility to listen to KronosFM there. Remember to allow pop-ups for shoutcast.com.

- our listeners brought to our attention (thank you for that!) that the player offered by shoutcast has a minor bug. it seems after a while the stream is becoming interrupted, so the user has to refresh/reload the page. sorry for the inconvenience - not our fault though!

05 - Nokia Internet Radio Directory

As you probably know, Nokia is the most important cell phone manufacturer. They've recently launched Nokia Internet Radio, a great application, allowing all Nokia owners to listen to any radio registered in their directory. It is one of the fastest growing directory on the web, as the registration/validation process is extremely easy for the broadcaster. Here's a link of compatible mobile devices, if you consider giving it a try.
After installing the application, connect to the internet and search for "KronosFM". You will spot us in seconds. Don't forget to "Add to favorites"!
- consult your mobile service carrier for information regarding data trafic on your phone!
- try to use wireless access points, as broadband internet ensures a greater quality/speed of streaming!
- use Primary Stream if you have a broadband connection!
- use Secondary Stream if you exclusively depend on your carrier's internet service (e.g. your car)!

Take a look at our tutorial on Nokia Internet Radio - how to find/listen to alternative streams.

Blackberry and iPhone!

Blackberry and iPhone owners are now able to listen to KronosFM by visiting the following links:

Link 1 @ 128 kbps - if you use a broadband connection.

Link 2 @ 32 kbps - if you depend on your carrier mobile internet service. Enjoy!!!

Both links will take users to a web interface where they simply must choose whether they are Blackberry or iPhone users. Default music players of both phones will open.

06 - Radio Directory 3

KronosFM has been registered at WEBRADIO-24. You can directly visit is our page there. Visit and press "Tune In". Your default music player should automaticly open the url link. Enjoy!



07 - Radio Directory 4

KronosFM has also been registered at STREAMFINDER. There are two stream links saying "listen Shoutcast 32 kbps" and "listen Shoutcast 128 kbps". Click the second one and your default software (usually Winamp or MediaPlayer) will do the rest. Unfortunately they removed a cool feature: "show recently played songs". Hopefully they will bring it back.

*update - our page on streamfinder now has an embedded media player at the top of the page.

08 - Radio Directory 5

Listeners can find KronosFM at InternetRadio. They offer 5 possible links by default, which can be opened using Flash Player, Windows Media Player, Winamp, QuickTime and Real Player. Make a choice and enjoy!



09 - Radio Directory 6

We've registered KronosFM at Broadcasting World.

Visit our page there, click "Listen Live" and enjoy a very cool and simplistic pop-up player; inside there is a "Listen In External Player" link that will be opened by Winamp, Media Player or any other default program for .pls files.

Feel free to "Post A Shoutout, Comment Or Request".


10 - Radio Directory 7

KronosFM is now registered at Musicgoal. This is a large station directory. By accesing our page there you can choose different players to listen to us: Flash PlayerWindows Media Player, Winamp, Real Player etc. You can also: see our last 20 songs that were played by clicking "Playlist", give us a thumbs up by rating us, spread the word about us by e-mailing a friend or add us to favorites.

Musicgoal has, in our opinion, one of the most comprehensive and user friendly interface from the entire web radio directory category and we recommend it for all our listeners. Take a peak and you'll see what we mean.    

11 - KronosFM Toolbar

Many of our listeners sent us their express wish for a toolbar. We've searched around the web and decided that conduit.com offers us the best chance for doing a good job. So, without further ado, here's the direct link. Save it or open it directly, then install it and enjoy the fruits of our labour  We've been using it for the last week to notice any bugs or errors and we're happy to say that the toolbar did quite all right.

Before installing it, take a look at a print screen to see what you'll get. Enjoy!

12 - Radio Directory 8

You can now find us at StationPortal. Just press the big round "Play" button. You need to have the Windows Media Player plugin working.

- you will also see a "Recording" button. In order for it to work you have to install StationRipper. Great piece of sofware. We totally recommend it.

13 - Radio Directory 9

We've recently came across Shoutcast.Flashradio. This site actually offers you one thing: a flash player/radio directory. To our big surprise KronosFM is among the stations listed there. Unfortunately, the only link present is our secondary stream :( There are currently 262 genres. You can find our station by browsing 3 of them: World FolkWorld Fusion and World Pop. We hope that our primary stream will soon be listed there, too.

14 - Radio Directory 10

KronosFM has been added to another radio directory: Radiotime. You will find us easily. After opening our page there, you can add our station to presets (sign up necessary). You can also use the available pop-up player by clicking the "Listen" button.

15 - Radio Directory 11

Radiodirectory.com added us in their directory. This is the search result. Not much more to say. This is sort of a classic radio directory...the only link there sends you back here, to our site. 

16 - Radio Directory 12

We've just come across KronosFM at InternetRadioGuide. After initiating the search you should be able to see both our streams. Clicking either of them opens 2 pages which contain Windows Media Player embedded - somewhat similar to the ones on our site - music starts playing in a few seconds. You also get the "station info" - some information is not properly updated, but there is no edit button, so there's nothing we can do; "comments" - you know what that's for; "favorites" - you can add our station's streams to your preset stations (sign up/sign in required).

17 - Radio Directory 13

We've registered our station at LogFM. It's very simple to find us. Do a search query of "kronosfm" (without the quotes). Clicking the result will take you here. Go down on this page and click the big orange play button - that is actually an embedded flash player. Lower, you'll also see Winamp and Windows Media Player links if the flash player is not good enough for you. Enjoy!

18 - Radio Directory 14

The vastness of the internet never ceases to amaze us. There's a spanish website, a radio directory actually, that hosts KronosFM's secondary stream. We don't know why they chose our 32 kbps stream, but free publicity is not to be criticized :) This is the search query. One thing you should know, search for "Kronos FM" - 2 words, instead of "KronosFM" like you were used to. There's a little "Escuchar Radio" button, that will take you to our page on that site. The main disadvantage, beside the secondary stream, is that you won't be able to see the current artist and song, as the embedded Windows Media Player is set to display a default text message. So use this site only if all the others are not working! ;)